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August 4, 2014 8:43 AM
Happy Birthday, Mr. President!
Posted by Staff
At the ripe age of 53, Obama emerged from a weekend of golfing (what's new?) only to be greeted with the overwhelming voice of the American people: We've had enough. The passing of the House's border bill on Friday blocks an expansion of Obama's lawless executive amnesties and speeds up the deportation of illegal immigrants. Executive amnesty clearly violates our Constitution and the rule of law, and we the people made it clear to Obama that we will not idly spectate whilst he attempts to shred the very foundations of this country. This victory can be credited to you, the everyday American, who took it upon yourself to call your representatives, demanding they stand with the working people. We can also thank certain Congressmen, such as the Alabama delegation, for refusing to allow Boehner to bully his weak border bills through the House; rather, they insisted upon passing legislation that actually represents the will of the American people and takes substantial steps to stop Obama's imperial presidency. Indeed, this is a victory we should savor and, more importantly, build upon in the coming weeks. Facebook Fark Furl
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