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April 16, 2013 9:42 AM
Guest workers & the Gang of 8
Posted by Laura
From Reuters, after initial reports that the immigration unveil would be delayed, the Gang of 8 is releasing it after all. May the debate begin and the bill not be rushed through. One sentence popped out of the story: "For all the bill's emphasis on border control and visas, the "pathway to citizenship" remained at its heart, even though the phrase was not used in the outline made available to reporters."

A new guest worker apparatus in the bill is already the center of huge controversy. My simple question: why should conservatives be excited about guest worker programs? That just means more folks who are likely to overstay their visas. We already have lost track of hundreds of thousands here on temporary visas.

Another key part of the bill:

"Within six months from enactment, during which time the Department of Homeland Security would set forth its border security plan, the threat of deportation could end for most illegal immigrants, who would allowed to work legally in the United States after they pay an initial $500 penalty, back taxes and demonstrate that they have not been convicted of serious crime in the United States."

That is amnesty. Period. And it will attract millions of more illegal immigrants to this country – especially since we are not likely to have a President, of either party, willing to enforce the borders.

From Mark L., in Bristol, CT: "Either Rubio doesn't really care about the concerns of conservatives regarding illegal immigration, or he has been fooled big time. I don't know which of those explanations is more depressing."
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