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July 15, 2015 9:55 AM
Gov. Scott Walker Continues To Draw Red Line On Immigration: No Immigration That Takes Jobs And Wages From American Workers
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On today’s program, newly announced presidential candidate Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin addressed a range of issues, from Planned Parenthood's assault on human dignity, to the Obamacare disaster, to the extreme flood of immigration - mostly legal - drowning Americans out of the jobs market.  Walker continues to remain the only top-polling candidate, so far, emphasizing a policy of numerical moderation, saying that no immigration policy should be allowed that takes jobs or wages from Americans: "I believe we need to take action to secure the border, to uphold the law, no amnesty, I don’t believe in amnesty for citizenship, and I believe going forward, and you and I have both talked about this, I believe we need to get priority when it comes to legal immigration... making sure we’re standing up for American working families and their wages in a way that will improve the economy."

The presidential hopeful reiterated his staunch pro-life views, responding to the heart-breaking film released by the Center for Medical Progress, which exposed a top Planned Parenthood doctor describing the sale of body parts of aborted fetuses.

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Ingraham: I know you’ve chimed in on the Iran deal, which by all accounts is just a complete disaster. It’s an item in the president’s progressive bucket list that he thinks he can check off now. But, if you are advising Boehner and McConnell now, because the GOP numbers on Capitol Hill are about 19% approval rating, so you advise the two of them now. What do you tell them to do? (2:50)

Walker: You’ve got to be big and you’ve got to be bold. And, if we’re going to make the case to the American people not to just elect a new president, not to just keep the House but, hopefully keep the United States Senate with Republicans, they’ve got to show people what that means. And, I’m in South Carolina today, I was in Nevada yesterday, I’m on a 28-hour kick without my head having hit a pillow, so around the clock campaigning. But, it’s great being out talking to people and I hear the frustrations, Laura, you and I have talked about it before. They’re like hey, we just got a Republican Senate elected, why aren’t we taking a vote to repeal Obamacare and putting it on the president’s desk? Why aren’t we pushing back on his illegal actions on immigration? Why are we not pushing back on issue after issue? I think they should put as many big, bold ideas on the table and show the American people what the contrast is. That’s certainly what I’m going to talk about. (3:22)

Ingraham: Governor Walker, I have just written a piece called “Branding the Elephant,” for our new website called And, in the piece I argue that Republicans on Capitol Hill, I’m not talking about the gubernatorial level, governors across the country, most of them are just doing a bang up job. There is such great discontent among the grassroots voters; you ticked off a number of issues. They campaigned to stand against executive amnesty; they punted it to the court. They campaigned to resist Obama, they delivered a huge deal on trade that, again, is another little item in his checklist. And, now they’re complaining he’s not a good negotiator with Iran; well, they think he’s a good negotiator with China on trade, I guess. So, tell us about that disconnect with John Boehner, McConnell, and many of the others in the GOP leadership and their strategy to date. (4:13)

Walker: Well, it can’t just be talk. I think people, not just Republicans, but voters in general understand the difference between rhetoric and actually getting things done. I think that’s part of why I won three times in a blue state, because people wanted someone to fight and win. And, they need to clearly lay out what they’re for; it’s not enough to just pick an issue or two and say this is what we’re against. People need to know what’s the contrast. We’ve got a great story to tell, we can talk about repealing Obamacare and putting patients and families back in charge of healthcare decisions. (5:15)

Ingraham: They’re not doing that. They basically gave that up though, governor. They gave that up. They’re not doing anything. (5:47)

Walker: Well, they should bring it up and they should put it on his desk. We could talk about truly reigning in federal regulations. We could talk about pushing, yet again, on the Key Stone Pipeline and other ways to have an all the above energy strategy. We can talk about how to take power out of Washington and send it, not just back to the states, but to the hardworking people of America. We can talk about tax relief and tax reform that actually allows Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money. Those are the things I talked about the other night in my kick-off, I was talking about today here in South Carolina, will be tomorrow in New Hampshire, over the weekend in Iowa. People want to hear about it. They don’t want to wait until there’s a Republican president, they want to start hearing Republicans in Washington talk about it as well. (5:52)

Ingraham: The disturbing video released yesterday, Lila Rose once again pulls back the curtain with Planned Parenthood. It turns out one of the Planned Parenthood head honchos, she swirls a glass of cabernet… Have you seen the video? Do you know what I’m talking about? (6:30)

Walker: Oh, it’s mind boggling. The thing about this, I got attacked, in fact, Planned Parenthood spent five, almost six, million dollars running attack ads against me last year when I was up for election and they tried to confuse people. I defunded Planned Parenthood; I just think there are much better ways to provide assistance for women’s health. We’ve shifted those resources to public health departments and other areas that are non-controversial. And, people tried to attack us. And, we said this is not about women’s health. This is the sort of thing that money for Planned Parenthood goes to and it’s outrageous. Certainly people like you and I who are pro-life feel that way. But, I think most Americans look at this and say, whether they think they’re pro-life or not, that this is wrong. But, these are the types of things that Hillary Clinton and Obama and others stand up for; they’re the ones who are extremists. (6:47)

Ingraham: They’re entertaining the idea of selling fetal body parts, which they then say, oh that’s just part of our fetal tissue program, Governor Walker. If you haven’t watched this video, it’s a few minutes long, watch it. As a mother, as someone who obviously is pro-life, I thought they were bad, but this is a level of evil that I can’t even express. And, yet, they’re getting cover from all the usual suspects, cover. And, what should Republicans do on Capitol Hill? Going back to what they say they’re going to do, what should they do given this new news about Planned Parenthood? (7:37)

Walker: Oh, I think they need to push back. Look at us in the states, I’m not the only one defunding Planned Parenthood, pushing back on this. We’ve passed protections that outlaw this, we’ve done things like this that make the distinction at the state level. They need to send a strong as possible message in our nation’s capitol as well. And, again, I think this is one of those where it’s not only the right thing to do, I think it is a politically wise thing to do because you need to push it the other way. You need to push it back and say Clinton, Obama, others like them, they are the extremists. They’re out of touch with where mainstream is at, mainstream America knows this is wrong. (8:15)

Ingraham: So, you would push McConnell, Boehner, etcetera to defund Planned Parenthood, get a bill on the president’s desk, and do what you can to override any veto. (8:51)

Walker: Absolutely. Keep making the case and keep making people make those votes. I think, if you look in the House and the Senate, any of the, and there aren’t many left, but any of the Democrats that are the supposed “blue-dog” Democrats, how do they justify that? How do they justify that in many of those battlegrounds, swing districts in America? (9:02)

Ingraham: I mean, I know over the years, even in parts of my state that vote more Democrat than Republican, these are things that will still outrage people regardless of party because people know what’s right, they know what’s wrong. (9:22)

Walker: I know you’ve seen this story, apparently one of your aides, a long-time aide, anonymously told the National Journal that the contender strategy, your strategy, will be to first lock up conservatives and then move to a more moderate position in the campaign. He said, look, you start in Iowa, lock up conservatives, because if you don’t do that none of the rest matters, and it’s much easier to being a conservative to being middle of the road, moderate later on. Is that what you’re going to do? Move to the middle after arguing that you’re the real conservative in this race? (9:42)

Ingraham: No, and I think, again, anybody who has any questions about that need only look at what I’ve done in Wisconsin. I mean, there’s arguably a more compelling case to have done that in the state where that state hasn’t gone Republican for president since 1984 when Ronald Reagan was last up for election and won everything but my neighbor Minnesota and the District of Columbia. No, the distinction there is, you make your case in strong conservative values and then you talk about it in a way that not only gets the base geared up and supportive of that, you talk about it in the way that appeals to independents and even some discerning Democrats. That’s what we’ve done. We’ve shown that that can work. By no way is that, if people look at my record the last four plus years, twenty-fifth state to have right to work, wage reform, twenty million dollars in tax cuts, defunded Planned Parenthood, requiring a photo ID to vote. I mean, if anyone has any question about that, it’s really about, and I think this is where they misinterpret it, it’s how you articulate that to the American people. I’ll give you a good example; I think some of even the other Republican candidates in this race for president like to misinterpret. An ad I ran last year that talked about me defending one of the most pro-life pieces of legislation in the country, something that requires an ultrasound before someone is able to end their pregnancy, because we know that if people can see that unborn child, particularly with the latest technology, the odds are pretty high they’re going to keep the baby. We talked about it in a way that used the other side’s language to explain exactly what we’re doing and now some are trying to twist that saying that we’re not pro-life. I’m 100% pro-life, that’s why Wisconsin Right to Life has always supported me out there. But, that’s what’s going to happen going forward and we need places like this to get the truth out. (10:13)

Ingraham: About the issue of pro-life, because I think this should be settled once and for all. And, I sat next to you, remember that dinner I was at with you? When was that? A couple years ago? (12:09)

Walker: Wisconsin Right to Life, that’s right, in the Wisconsin Center. (12:17)

Ingraham: Such an amazing dinner and, governor, I have to tell everyone this story. I might have told it once before, but in case people missed it. I’ve been to many of these pro-life dinners, because I do a lot of them. And, often times, governors will come and they’ll do a drop by, and they’ll take a few photos. And, then they’ll leave. And, they have a busy schedule, I’m not begrudging that. But, Scott Walker and his wife not only came to meet all of the volunteers and all the people involved in Wisconsin Right to Life. You sat through the whole dinner, all the testimonials, the video presentation. You endured my speech, governor. You sat through the entire dinner and you left when everyone else left. That’s, let me just tell you folks, that just doesn’t happen very often in politics today. That meant a lot to the people who volunteer on the ground, it meant a lot to me personally, it meant a lot. But, I do want to clarify this thing with the pro-life, because you know my position on this and I know where your heart is on this. But, on this ad that ran during the campaign in 2014, let’s listen. (12:18)

Gov. Walker's Long Pro-Life Record on Abortion

Walker: Because we wanted to make the point -- you had the pro-abortion, the NARAL, Emily’s List, and Planned Parenthood, and others out there tying to twist our ultrasound language into something that it wasn’t. We wanted to make the case, this is all it does, it doesn’t do anything else for all them complaining about this, it doesn’t change that decision. You’re talking about an unborn child as a human being, and I believe that, and I have articulated that for more than twenty years, all the way back. The people you were sitting with are folks I worked with at Marquette Student’s for Life when I was a student in college, I’ve always had a strong pro-life position, I’ve always defended that. But, for us, it was able to wipe that issue right off the table because we pushed back and said, what we were proposing was a positive, strong common sense thing to do to get people information. (13:48)

Ingraham: I just want to clarify this, governor, you don’t believe that. You don’t believe the final decision should be between a woman and her doctor. You believe.. (14:39)

Walker: Oh, I believe it’s an unborn child. My point was that the bill, all it does is require an ultrasound. It didn’t change what the law was. (14:46)

Ingraham: Ok, I get it. I just, I think it was important that you said that and that we clarified that. The new poll out, I know you saw, Trump is number one, 17%. Bush is number two, 14%. You’re at 8%. Donald Trump on immigration, I know you’ve not wanted to talk a lot about him or his position, but let’s listen to one thing.

Do you intend to meet with some of the victims of illegal immigrant crime? And, do you agree with what Trump said?

Walker: Yeah, I mean, I think there’s a compelling argument to that. I’ve gone. per the request and offer of Governor Abbott, I’ve gone to the border and met with folks in the state, local, as well as federal officials. I’ve been on the border in Arizona with state officials there and others across the country. That helped me really see how very significant it is. As you know, I’ve said many times this week Donald Trump can speak for himself. But, what I believe, having been to the border and having talked to folks, having watched the videos, is we’ve got international criminal organizations penetrating our southern border in a way that, if this was happening in our water-based ports on the East or West coast we’d be sitting in the Coast Guard… (15:46)

Ingraham: But, he’s taking some of your supporters right now. There’s no doubt about it. He’s bleeding away some of your support, and all you’re going to say is he can speak for himself? Don’t you have to win those voters back? (16:25)

Walker: It’s July 2015 not July 2016, I think in the end when people look at where I stand, not just on that issue but a whole bunch of others, for me it’s clear. I believe we need to take action to not just talk about it, butIngraham: So, you think he won’t do anything. (16:47)

Walker: No, no, no, I’m not saying that. I’m saying, what I’m saying is I believe we need to take action to secure the border, to uphold the law, no amnesty, I don’t believe in amnesty for citizenship, and I believe going forward, and you and I have both talked about this, I believe we need to get priority when it comes to legal immigration. We need to get priority overall, making sure we’re standing up for American working families and their wages in a way that will improve the economy. Now, the thing is, as people hear about that and other issues they’ll say, a lot of great candidates talking a lot of good stuff out there, but who is the one in the race who has fought and won on issues? (16:49) Facebook iconFacebook Fark iconFark Furl iconFurl
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