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March 1, 2013 12:08 PM
George Will: 'I will not take seriously' Mr. Jay Carney
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Today on The Laura Ingraham Show, The Washington Post’s George Will slammed White House press secretary Jay Carney, claiming he would never take Carney seriously. Will also took President Barack Obama to task for his kneejerk demands for additional revenue.

Will came up with an interesting analogy to illustrate President Obama’s nonstop demand for tax increases. “If you went to the International House of Pancakes with the President, you both have in front of you a big stack of pancakes, and you say, ‘Mr. President, could you please pass the syrup?’ he’d say, ‘No, I think we ought to have a balanced approach to passing the syrup… you should pay me in revenues to get the syrup.’”

“This is an absolute verbal tic of his,” Will said, “a reflex, and it’s built-in, hardwired into his system.”

Laura went on to challenge Will on his insistence that concerns over sequestration were overwrought. Jay Carney yesterday said the effects of the sequester would be severe and it would go right to middle class families. ‘There are people working today who would lose their jobs.‘”

But Will dismissed Carney’s claim, saying, “I will do many things for my country and my profession. I will not take seriously Mr. [Jay] Carney.”

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