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May 12, 2014 10:41 AM
GOP dropping O'care for immig, and dropping in key states
Posted by Laura
A new article out in The Hill documents how the GOP is beginning to "move on" from Obamacare. Just when you thought the Republicans might have learned something useful about politics, they manage to disappoint again. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers (moderate GOPer) tipped the leadership's hand on the Affordable Care Act a few weeks ago (saying it's here to stay). Atta way to demoralize your base! Plus, if you recall, we had to drop all of the tax and spending and debt ceiling issues so that we could "focus" on Obamacare. Now that we're not talking about Obamacare either, the GOP literally has few issues left to discuss. And that's why Senator Mark Pryor is up by 11 points in Arkansas, even though the people in Arkansas are very down on Obama.

I am beginning to think that the GOP isn't all that interested in taking the Senate in 2014. Their main focus seems to be electing Jeb in 2016 (if he chooses to run). The GOP Establishment also believes Bush has a better chance if Republicans don't take the Senate. (Hillary can blame the "do-nothing Republican Congress.") So from their perspective, getting immigration reform done this year – and thus clearing the way for Jeb – is a lot more important than taking the Senate. Good luck with that strategy. Facebook Fark Furl
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