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January 3, 2013 4:36 AM
GOP Rollover? Obama to 'Quickly' Go for Immigration Reform and Gun Control
Posted by Laura

The President may be back in Hawaii hanging chilly, but his legions of activists inside and outside the White House are hard at work formulating plans for major legislation on gun control and illegal immigration.  If you worry the GOP botched the fiscal cliff negotiations (remember they were in a terrible position regardless), then what do you think they'll do on so-called hot button issues like guns and illegal immigrants?  When they are in the minority in the Senate and they don't have the presidency, Republicans need to learn that public relations, the perception game, is almost as important as how they vote.  Read the Weekly Standard's account:

As Politico reported last month, a "Gang of Eight," a conference of 8 senators from both parties, "has begun to meet to discuss immigration reform." But it is not at all clear what progress this group has made and what immigration laws it might propose.

The Huffington Post quotes a Democratic aide who believes "Good news for immigration advocates may have come Tuesday night, when Boehner broke the so-called 'Hastert Rule' and allowed the fiscal cliff bill to come for a vote without support from a majority of his Republican conference. Given opposition to immigration reform by many Tea Party Republicans, the proof that Boehner is willing to bypass them on major legislation is a good sign."

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