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November 18, 2013 4:53 PM
GOP Congressmen debate whether to nix the 'Fix'
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As tensions run high as Congress fights over how to respond to the ObamaCare fiasco and the President’s proposed “fix,” Laura was joined by two Republican Congressmen who held opposing views about the merits of Congressman Upton’s “Keep Your Health Plan Act.” Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA), who co-sponsored the bill argued that Congress cannot sit idly by and watch as the American people are forced to suffer at the hand of the Obama Administration’s lies and legislative failures. He also explained that the Democrats cannot be entrusted to take action on this issue. Scalise believes that Senator Landrieu, who has proposed her own “fix” in the Senate, “doesn’t want her bill to actually pass” because it is merely “a fig leaf.” Congressman Bridenstine (R-OH), representing one of the four Republican House members who voted against the Upton bill, explained that Upton’s bill does little to fix the problems of ObamaCare, and instead simply makes the same unfulfillable promise that Obama made to the American people.

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich weighed in on Christie’s potential 2016 run. While Gingrich admired Christie’s impressive election in New Jersey, he did not put too much stock in it serving as a forecast for the 2016 presidential election: “Christie won a remarkable election. We should all respect it and we should all look at it […] but he did it in New Jersey with a substantive New Jersey message.” Gingrich went on to explain that Christie will have to be careful not to rely too heavily on his personality to win elections: “My fear is that the consulting class is going to rush up to him and say, ‘You can do this on personality. You can run around the country and say what we need is a leader.’” Gingrich explained that he believes this would be a message guaranteed to be defeated, because people would eventually question what Christie truly stands for as a Republican: “If all you can say is ‘I’m a leader,’ you don’t have very much [going for you]” Gingrich asserted. 

Pulitzer-prize winning syndicated columnist, Dr. Charles Krauthammer, issued some hopeful predictions for the future of ObamaCare. Krauthammer explained that he wants to see “ObamaCare abolished by the Democrats. [Democrats] are already running for the exits. They’re in a panic. If Obama hadn’t had this little stunt press conference there would have been 100 Democrats joining the Republicans in the Upton Bill.” Krauthammer went on to say that “the beauty of this is not for Republicans to be the ones to squash it because then you’re going to have for the next 50 years people creating the legend that ‘the Republicans were the party of no.’” If Democrats take the lead, however, Republicans are left looking like the heroes who fought for the middle class and it will pay dividends in 2016 and beyond. Facebook Fark Furl
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