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December 12, 2012 4:34 AM
Feminist complains about Jesus, Mary & breastfeeding
Posted by Staff

As I argued yesterday, the Advent season is exploited every year by the liberal media to tweak faithful Christians, using the holidays as a hook for liberal political and religious themes or to advance ancient heresies. Ditto with the Lenten season.

Well, the latest example comes from David Gibson of the Religion News Service, who has picked up on a new complaint from a feminist scholar, Margaret Miles, which boils down to essentially this: How come we never see depictions of the Virgin Mary breastfeeding the baby Jesus. I kid you not.

"At its heartwarming core," Gibson began his December 10 article, "Christmas is the story of a birth: the tender relationship between a new mother and her newborn child." Actually, no, the heartwarming core of Christmas is not about a birth but a most unique birth. It's about God taking on human flesh and dwelling among us, so that He might "save His people from their sins." You'd think a writer for the Religion News Service would get that, but alas, no. And yes, we're just getting started. Facebook Fark Furl
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