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June 5, 2015 1:29 PM
Exclusive-- Border Patrol Agents Leaving En Masse; Mainstream Media 'Outright Lies' About Illegal Crossings
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Today on The Laura Ingraham Show, Shawn Moran, a former Border Patrol agent and the Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, rejected mainstream media claims that illegal immigration at the southern border is decreasing as 'outright lies'. Moran revealed many border patrol agents are transferring back to other branches of enforcement, or leaving law enforcement altogether. Moran also explained that Republicans are just as bad at border enforcement as Democrats; he argued that they want to give the appearance of effectively securing the border without actually doing so. 

Partial Transcript:

Moran on Washington Post, NYTimes reports that flow of illegal migrants across the border has decreased: "I don’t know where they’re getting their data and I’m not going to dance around it and play semantics, the stories are outright lies. Because the last two years, we’ve shown increases in the numbers of apprehensions along the southwest border and overall. So, to say that the border is more secure, in 2012 we hit the low point, but in 2013 and 2014 the numbers went back up and we expect that they will continue to go up this year, contrary to what the administration would have some outlets believe." [4:02]

Moran: These numbers are still very disconcerting and we still see juveniles being sent here on their own or in the company of a distant relative or in some cases just being paired up with strangers to come across the border. And, I can empathize with the idea of wanting to give your child a better life, but I’m not putting either one of my sons with a smuggler and expecting them to make a several thousand mile journey. [6:00]

Ingraham: Can you tell us what’s happening now at the border with the agents? There’s obviously more agents at the border now than there were before, correct? We have more man power on the ground, is that right? [6:33]

Moran: That’s correct. We have a Congressionally mandated floor that we need to maintain of 21,370 agents. We are not at that right now because there are, truth be told, a lot of agents that are fed up and are leaving. They’re going back to local and other federal agencies and many are getting out of the border patrol and law enforcement altogether because they’ve just become disillusioned by what they’ve been asked to do in this job. [6:43]

Ingraham: Explain why they’re disillusioned. [7:17]

Moran: Well, it’s a multi-faceted problem, here. You receive very good training, you’re sold a bill of goods, which includes benefits you are told you will receive and then once you get this job, you are handcuffed from actually doing it and by immigrants rights groups, by the administration, by our own policies, and so you basically are highly trained and then not allowed to get in the game, so to speak, and do your job. And, then you have the administration, the agency, attacking your pay. We are one of the few labor unions that had to lobby for a pay cut and we had to lobby for the small pay cut as opposed to the 30-35% cut that customs and border protection wanted to give us. So, it was trying to mitigate the damage. So, those are the kinds of things that border patrol agents are talking about out in the field and having to experience. And so, it just makes for a very poor work environment. And, the secretary of DHS, Jeh Johnson, wonders why the morale amongst CBP is the worst in DHS and the morale in DHS is the worst among all the federal departments. [7:20]

Ingraham: Do you have any thoughts on this idea of breaking up the DHS into more manageable, smaller sections of government, similar to what it used to be when the customs immigration department was part of the justice department? Seems like things have gotten worse as the bureaucracy has gotten bigger. [8:40]

Moran: This is an argument that we made, and in the border patrol we like to joke, but it’s rooted in reality that all these issues are revolving doors and some of the doors spinning faster than others and come up more often. But, in 2002 when they were trying to form DHS, this is the argument we made was that customs was in Treasury, INS was in Department of Justice, and that if they were separate agencies, because we’ve always been paired with things like the Citizenship and Immigration Service, and under INS one half of the House was trying to do enforcement and keep people out and the other more powerful side of the House was trying to welcome everyone in because it makes money for the government. So, we’ve always been kind of the red-headed step child of the federal government in terms of law enforcement and so it is very difficult but DHS was supposed to stop the in-fighting, it was supposed to stop the kingdom building, and one of the biggest problems we see now in the border patrol is that you have these parallel kingdoms that are not law enforcement officers, they’ve never carried a badge or a gun, they are citizens that are working as bureaucrats basically, in Washington, and they have more power than uniformed Border Patrol chiefs as to how things are going to happen in terms of human resources, in terms of personnel. [9:09]

Moran: "I can’t say that Republicans are better than Democrats when it comes to border security. There are a few politicians out there that actually want to secure the border, but for the most part our government wants to look effective at the border without actually being effective." [13:48] Facebook iconFacebook Fark iconFark Furl iconFurl
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