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February 26, 2013 5:33 AM
Even liberals wince at Michelle's Oscar turn
Posted by Laura
Let's say it simply and clearly: Mrs. Obama embarrassed herself with her starlet appearance at the Academy Awards. There is something deeply odd about one of the most recognized women in the world publicly injecting herself into an arena in which she has no expertise or accomplishment. Her ubiquity makes me almost expect her to show up in my medicine cabinet mirror in the mornings. The words desperate and narcissistic come to mind. Then again, for the Obamas, it's always been like Hollywood on the Potomac, with high-profile celebrities making themselves comfy in the Situation Room and Lincoln Bedroom. Plus, the Obama White House does have its own--wardrobe department (remember the white coats passed out to doctors in the Rose Garden?); casting director (Valerie Jarrett); marketing department (MSNBC); and of course they always can count on help from real producers and directors like Weinstein and Speilberg.

The Obama presidency reminds me of the Twilight movies: popular without any lasting value.
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