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August 18, 2013 5:12 PM
'Ethnic cleansing' on USA soccer team?
Posted by Staff
The Daily Mail reports:

A Los Angeles soccer team is being 'ethnically cleansed' as part of a strategy by the billionaire owner to Mexicanize it, a former employee has claimed.

In a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, former Chivas USA human resources director Cynthia Craig has alleged that a culture of harassment and discrimination caused her departure.

The African-American claims she was forced out of her job in July by the team's owner Jorge Vergara and president, Jose David, because she was not Mexican and could not speak Spanish.

The former youth academy coaches, Daniel Calichman and Teddy Chronopoulos, have also alleged that they were victims of the team's purging of non-Mexican players and coaches, according to Fox News. Facebook Fark Furl
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