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June 4, 2014 9:32 AM
Eric Cantor hides behind high-paid consultants, refuses debates, townhalls
Posted by Laura
Rather than fairly reporting on the current Dave Brat primary challenge to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the national media have strapped on their blinders. Cantor has a lot of money! He has name recognition! He’s supported by the Establishment GOP! So no need to honestly report on the race or examine Cantor’s actual record and conflicting statements. Of course most reporters agree with Cantor’s kinder-gentler approach to immigration, so they cover for him all the way. Cantor is flooding the airwaves with outright LIES about Brat, and almost no one in the so-called objective press will call him on it. But despite the egregious media bias, the people of Virginia still know an imposter when they see one, and eventually Cantor’s record and real views will catch up to him. It was extremely gratifying and inspiring to see Virginia voters turn out in such large numbers—625 to be exact—on a weeknight, in Rep. Eric Cantor’s own backyard, to support Dave Brat. (The parking lot was so packed full, attendees actually had to park in front of Cantor’s house!) The Richmond-Times Dispatch predictably downplayed the event, its beat reporter Olympia Meola refusing to include facts that expose Cantor’s pathetic attempt to rebrand himself tough on border enforcement. Most state media types hope that if they don’t make a big deal of the primary, the tea party will just get demoralized and go away. Well, Tuesday night’s massive showing of support for Dave Brat means the tea party is charging ahead, whatever the odds at taking down Cantor.

Honest reporters covering politics in the Old Dominion should be pressing Cantor on why he refuses to make public appearances, hold town halls, or even make statements of his own when asked about his race. Every statement this campaign cycle has been made by his high-paid hatchet man Ray Allen, partner of Boyd Marcus who jumped ship last fall to work for then-Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe (who offered him more money than Cuccinelli could pay). If Dave Brat had a couple of million in the bank, Ray Allen would switch bosses as quickly as his buddy Marcus. These are people with no core, no principles, no conviction. It's all about building their own personal perches of wealth and power. The political consultancy class currently propping up Cantor is the embodiment of what is rotting our system of self-government from within. Cantor is their enabler, their icon and their meal ticket. Dave Brat is their worst nightmare. Facebook Fark Furl
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