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July 1, 2014 9:14 AM
Elites' eyes wide shut on our homeland insecurity
Posted by Laura
Everyday the media reports there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of ISIS terrorists who are residents of Europe and USA. We've known for decades of a veritable sleeper cell assembly line, of terrorists from the Middle-East, Africa and Europe continuing to pore into the US, unabated, unwatched, untracked. Even if the government wanted to track these people (which Holder's justice dept refrains from doing) the numbers now overwhelm any law enforcement capability.

These terrorists are arriving every day in plain sight, under the guise of legal and illegal immigration.

Under the dire circumstances faced by the American people, with ISIS and Al Qaeda affiliates clearly announcing their intentions to strike the American homeland, will conservatives on the Hill and in the media speak out? Or will we allow these jihadist fanatics to continue to infiltrate our country—legally through airports, ports and border crossings or illegally across our open borders?

Elected officials and conservatives with a public megaphone must start to connect the dots for the American public.

President Obama pretends to make us safe by sending troops to Baghdad or conducting drone strikes in Yemen or Pakistan. McCain and Ayotte pretend we can protect our country by sending arms to the "good" jihadists in Syria. They continue to distract Americans with these futile diversions while they promote open borders, amnesty and increased mass immigration.

The biggest threat to the security of our country and the safety of our people is our open border, our insecure VISA system and the continuation of uncontrolled legal and illegal immigration, which provides the optimal conditions for another 9/11 here on the homeland.

Who will speak out? (And no, Speaker Boehner, issuing a “statement” doesn’t count.) Facebook Fark Furl
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