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May 14, 2013 12:15 PM
Dems kill another immig enforcement amendment, Rubio "disappointed"
Posted by Laura

If you had any doubts about whether the Gang of 8's  "comprehensive immigration reform" bill was a raw deal for conservatives, consider this description of how things went during today's Judiciary Committee mark-up,
from The Hill

The panel rejected a Republican amendment to require a biometric entry and exit system at ports of entry before granting permanent legal status to 11 million illegal immigrants. “Immigration reform must include the best exit system possible because persons who overstay their authorized stay are a big reason we now have so many illegal immigrants,” said Alex Conant, a spokesman for Rubio. “We wanted the Judiciary Committee to strengthen the legislation by adding biometrics to the new exit system, and we were disappointed by this morning’s vote.”

This commonsense amendment sponsored by Sen. Jeff Sessions was defeated after all Democrats and two Republicans voted to kill it.  This is sadly another example of how Sen. Marco Rubio was rolled in negotiations over the original bill.  He should have insisted that this provision be in the legislation before he put his name on it.  What should he have said?   "I will not support this bill, much less go on talk radio to defend the bill, unless it has every provision that I want."  The time to shape the bill was before the amendment process.  A seasoned legislator would have known that during markup, a senator from the minority party has limited leverage.  Is Rubio still blissfully unaware of the fact that Schumer used him to brand the bill "a bipartisan effort."  Or that McCain used Rubio as a human shield to protect against the conservative forces that stopped the Bush 2007 amnesty.  What did Rubio get in return?  A lousy bill, written mostly by Schumer staffers, which gives government bureaucrats huge discretion to waive critical provisions.  In the end, this law, if passed, will grow both the size of government,  and dependency on government.  One thing is will not do--it will not seal the border or, in the case of student visas, track their entry or exit.   If Sen. Rubio is going to be rolled this easily in the Senate, if he's going to be out-negotiated this badly on an issue this important, it doesn't portend well for his ability to take on the Democrat machine in 2016.  


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