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September 9, 2013 11:38 AM
Daily Fix: The chinless dictator squares off against the spineless president
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The chinless dictator squares off against the spineless president

This is beyond embarrassing. Today, as Charlie Rose interviewed Bashar al-Assad two things became abundantly clear: first, Assad is a very weird looking fellow (what happened to that man's chin?); and second, Assad is exceedingly crafty and is dancing circles around our president. After all that our country has been through in Iraq and Afghanistan we cannot tolerate such unacceptable leadership. At some point, we have to look at this situation objectively and realize that a case simply has not been made for military intervention. Between Kerry saying (on the one hand) that we have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Assad used chemical weapons and McDonough (on the other hand) saying that we don't require such proof because we're not in a "court of law," the information is simply too confusing and muddled for us to take action. The GOP establishment should go on notice. If you vote for another war that the American people do not want, you deserve to be thrown out of office.

When in doubt, stay out

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and host of CNN's hit series Crossfire, was adamant that the United States should not become embroiled in yet another war. Unlike when we went into Iraq, we are now a country that has "had 44 years of experience in the Middle East, most of which has been very unpleasant," Gingrich said. And this experience has caused the American people to be wary of engaging further: "what you have is a country that's tired of the region and that's unwilling to sacrifice more young men and women," Gingrich asserted. Gingrich believes that our representatives should actually represent their constituents and refuse to take military action in Syria. (Listen free) Facebook Fark Furl
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