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September 25, 2013 4:45 PM
Daily Fix: The Little Senator that Stood
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The Little Senator that Stood

Yesterday, at 2:41 PM, Sen. Ted Cruz stood up on the Senate floor and proceeded to stand and pontificate for the next twenty-one hours. It’s been quite a long time since the grassroots were so energized or excited by anything Republicans did in Congress, but on this day Cruz was in the spotlight. Cruz’s stand, which has been subject to a mix of both justified criticism for his strategy as well as unjustified attacks by high-minded GOP establishment types was, nonetheless, a strong message to all conservatives - there are Republican politicians who still care about the people. And even though Cruz’s filibuster was technically just an extremely long speech, at the end of the day, (or rather, in the middle of the day at ‘high noon’), Cruz’s filibuster could hardly be described as pointless. It accomplished two crucial achievements—namely, it informed millions of Americans of the devastating effects of ObamaCare, and it shined a light on the fact that Washington routinely dismisses the will of the people. Cruz’s ‘faux-filibuster’ may not go down in history as the most influential speech of all time, but it has certainly given hope to millions by demonstrating that there are still those in Washington who are willing to stand up for the people.

Jake Tapper applauds Cruz for refusing to 'tap' out on Obamacare

Jake Tapper, Chief White House correspondent for CNN and anchor of CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, defended Sen. Cruz against the criticism that has been hurled upon him by various critics for his defund Obamacare campaign: “There’s nothing wrong with bringing attention to an issue you believe in,” he said. Contrary to critics who claim that this was simply a political ploy for media attention, Tapper asserted that while “professionally this has been a speech that has given [Cruz] a lot of supporters amongst the grassroots,” getting press was “not the sole reason he did this.” When asked whether he agreed with recent comparisons calling Cruz the “Republican Obama,” Tapper was quick to point out one crucial difference between the two. While Obama had a strong relationship with fellow Democrats and “was being anointed behind the scenes,” Cruz has nothing if not a shaky relationship with his own party, as he has thrown himself into representing the grassroots at the expense of his relationship with the Republican establishment.

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