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August 14, 2013 1:12 PM
Daily Fix: The Liberals have lassoed themselves another phony scandal
Posted by Staff
The Liberals have lassoed themselves another phony scandal

If you are just tuning in, we are now on day four of the 'phony' Obama rodeo clown crisis. I guess we can take some comfort in knowing that at least the Left has found its new phony scandal to rally around. It's too bad though that in order for it to be a viable phony scandal we have to feign ignorance of everything we know about our culture of satire. Forget the fact that people made jokes about Ronald Reagan's age and disregard the memory of the media mocking George W. Bush as an idiot hick who couldn't put a sentence together. Then, and only then, could we maybe accept the ridiculous assertion that we don't mock our political leaders, or that the rodeo act was a racially motivated attack. Ultimately, in spite of what liberals may claim, what is actually offensive here is the realization that while the left keeps constructing these phony race scandals, they ignore the real crises facing our nation and the man who is fueling them. Maybe if liberals took some time to think critically about the actual crises that befall us (i.e. Obama's disconnect with middle class concerns and his policies that hurt hard-working Americans) they might not be so quick to label valid criticism as racism. And, who knows, maybe they'd start to dish out a joke or two at his expense as well...

Reforms for Obamacare fall on deaf ears

In spite of Obama's continual insistence that he's open to the Right's input and is eager to hear their suggestions for improving health care, Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) asserts that this is "[Obama's] go-to line, but it simply isn't true." Price explains that he and other Republican Congressmen asked Obama once every week for an entire year to listen to their plans for a positive patient-centered initiative, yet their requests were never well received or considered. Rep. Price ultimately supports a system that "solves the challenges of getting folks covered and [fixes] the insurance challenges, all without putting Washington in charge or raising your taxes." But while Price has proposed a plan that will provide such coverage, his initiative has fallen on deaf ears. (Listen free) Facebook Fark Furl
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