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August 13, 2013 1:29 PM
Daily Fix: Taking the 'care' out of Obamacare
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Taking the 'care' out of Obamacare

Don't you miss the days when Obama was out on the campaign trail extolling the wonders of his magical health care plan that would give you lower premiums, amazing exchanges, and coverage of pre-existing conditions? Now, instead of rainbows and butterflies, the ACA seems to only be producing one thing: broken promises. We've come to see (as Republicans repeatedly foretold) that rather than being the bearer of "sugar, spice and everything nice," the ACA has only presented us with more complications and higher costs to the individual (not only have our premiums gone up, but they continue to do so). Moreover, adding to the string of ObamaCare delays, the NYT reported today that Obamacare's cap on out-of-pocket expenses is delayed until 2015 - whereas the delay for the employer mandate was certainly a political maneuver to assuage the worries of constituents, this delay is sure to infuriate all the consumers who were promised a cap on their medical expenses. But who can honestly say they're surprised-the president has one talent: the ability to spew out what is ostensibly inspirational, yet upon closer inspection only empty rhetoric. I say, that if you really expected more from this one-trick-president, shame on you.

Obama continues to fan the flames of the Benghazi scandal

Joe diGenova, former U.S. Attorney for Washington D.C. who is currently representing Benghazi whistleblower Mark Thompson, is "absolutely stupefied" by the latest developments in the Benghazi scandal. DiGenova reminded listeners that in a "clearly and manifestly political act," Obama disclosed the existence of a sealed indictment of a terrorist suspect in the Benghazi attack in an open press conference. DiGenova explained that while "the president can declassify anything he wants," the president cannot "unseal an indictment." Thus, Obama's action not only apprised those whom our government wanted to capture of our intentions, but it also violated a federal court order in the process. DiGenova asserted that, "I'm still waiting for the outcry from people in the legal community who think that [Obama] is Baby Jesus to say something about the fact that a so-called constitutional lawyer violated a sealed court order." DiGenova went on to explain that what has fascinated him the most out of this whole scandal is that "as we've approached 2016 and the media has decided to anoint Hillary Clinton" as their top choice for the presidency, there has been no attention given to the horrific job she has done as Secretary of State. "Her legacy," diGenova asserts, "is Benghazi. But will the CNN/NBC documentaries tell that story? No. Because it is an inconvenient truth" and it only demonstrates the all too scary reality that Hillary has just been "a useless appendage to an even more useless president when it came to foreign policy." (Listen free) Facebook Fark Furl
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