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August 5, 2013 1:09 PM
Daily Fix: Speak softly...but leave your big stick at home: America's image abroad is weakening
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Speak softly...but leave your big stick at home: America's image abroad is weakening

Well, it's official: our patron-saint-president Obama has Al Qaeda on the run... and they're running straight towards us. So much for his declarations that Al Qaeda is decimated, that Osama is dead (and GM's alive) and that it's time to reach out to the Muslim world with open arms. Interpol has announced that, in light of the recent jailbreaks which freed more than 1,500 suspected terrorists in the past week, that we are on a heightened security threat for a potential terrorist attack. And how does Obama have us responding to this crisis? Well, he's employing, what is quickly becoming our go-to strategic maneuver--we're giving the Middle East the ol' one, two: (1) crouch and (2) cower.

Mukasey: Sen. Paul and Sen. Lee should stop scaring the American people

Michael Mukasey, who is familiar with NSA surveillance programs from his years serving as the US Attorney General under the Bush administration, argues that Sen. Rand Paul and those opposing these programs should stop spreading false information, which is needlessly scaring the American people. He explained that the information being monitored is merely metadata: "the kind of information that the government is gathering is not content-based; it's the kind of information that any telephone company has." Mukasey explained further that this information is kept safe by the FISA Court, which acts as a strong check to the government's access to this information: "This notion that [FISA] is a rubber stamp is ridiculous [...] The fact that a large, overwhelming proportion [of warrants] get approved is an indication that the government won't go to that court unless it is absolutely, stone-cold certain that it is on firm ground for the authorization they are seeking." (Listen free) Facebook Fark Furl
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