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September 5, 2013 1:48 PM
Daily Fix: Paul Flynn: Sec. Kerry is 'emotionally blackmailing' the nation
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Obama - 'Russian' the nation into an illegal war

Obama's foreign policy continues to astound-and, as always, never in a good way. He just keeps getting things wrong with regards to Russia. Remember when he told Medvedev that'd he be more flexible once he was re-elected-well, apparently by "flexible," Obama meant "flummoxed." This president has absolutely no idea how to handle a country like Russia. Maybe it's because he does not appreciate the conception of "standing your ground", or maybe it's because he doesn't understand the importance of fostering an image of power abroad rather than apologizing for one. Or perhaps it's because the logic underlying all of his disastrous policies is driven by cheap emotionalism and demagoguery... I don't know. But I do know that that's not how Russia works. Russia does not share these values and does not believe in Obama's wildly infantile and utopian conception of the world order. I hope we remember these moments and take note. Maybe next time we will actually elect a president who's capable of maintaining our strong image abroad, while focusing on the real issues that face us here at home.

Paul Flynn: Sec. Kerry is "emotionally blackmailing" the nation

Paul Flynn, MP for Newport West, explained that the UK rightly decided not to go to war to save Obama from some "blushes" after he set down his 'red line' mandate on Syria. Flynn was adamant that "our country cannot fight a war to defend the vanity of our politicians and fund our military defense industries." Flynn also explained that Sec. Kerry's invocation of Normandy and Nazi Germany in his push for war in Syria is simply "emotional blackmail." Flynn believes that if Kerry and the Obama administration decide to enter into conflict with Syria, they could turn the current civil war into a regional war or even a world war. (Listen free) Facebook Fark Furl
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