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September 2, 2013 11:56 AM
Daily Fix: Obama not Syria-us on foreign policy
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Obama not Syria-us on foreign policy

Obama began his presidency with a simple message: construct a new narrative for the United States on foreign policy. No longer would we be America, the land of the ignorant, arrogant, and dismissive. Instead, we would apologize, bow to other nations, and take responsibility for our actions. Our reformist president would wave in a new era of international diplomacy, and truly press the "reset button." But in recent weeks, the truth has become all too apparent. The so-called "reset button" has proven itself to be nothing, but a cheap, plastic excuse for a failed foreign policy - a prop picked up at a local joke shop. At least Bush had the sense to act decisively as he plunged us into an unnecessary and detrimental war. Obama, however, has done nothing, but continually make us look weaker as he apologizes for the past and will surely stumble into the future. Sure, he may have turned to Congress to seek approval to intervene in Syria, but it's become more than apparent that he only did so out of a desire to shirk responsibility once his decision to strike Syria failed to gain any international traction. The rhetoric behind the reset button was a worthless political trick - hopefully the joke is on Obama and not the American people.

Obama the Abdicator-in-Chief

Former Congressman Lt. Colonel Allen West explained that the President's decision to consult Congress represents "a decision not to make a decision." West, however, insisted that such indecisiveness should come as no surprise from a president who "has a history of voting 'present'." West believes that Obama turned to Congress solely to preserve his claim for plausible deniability: "if something bad comes down the road, he can say I wouldn't have done it if congress hadn't supported it." But West was quick to advise that the American public should not indulge the president by being forgetful of the past. He argued that the president has demonstrated a pattern of skewed priorities: for instance, why does Obama believe that chemical weapons present us with such a serious "obligation to act," while Benghazi required no such obligation? Besides if the threat was so great, West asks, "why did Obama play golf on Saturday?" (Listen free) Facebook Fark Furl
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