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August 16, 2013 2:55 PM
Daily Fix: No conference, just the fence
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The patriots' guide to town hall meetings

Because major news networks refuse to cover town hall meetings, I am going to do their job for them by laying out where immigration reform currently stands at the local level. If your congressman has not taken up a definitive position on how they are going to vote on immigration, then your congressman is going to vote for amnesty. It is that simple: they either support going to conference or they don't. If your congressman is willing to so much as even entertain the idea of going to conference with the very people we know will not enforce immigration laws, you can bet your bottom peso that your representative is not going to be voting in your favor.

No conference, just the fence

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) discussed immigration reform and seemed to contradict himself as he explained why he still holds out hope for an acceptable compromise in the House. At first, Senator Cornyn insisted that "we cannot be intimidated by a lawless president" who seeks to push us into a "bad deal." He explained that this was precisely the problem with the Gang of 8 Senate bill, which Cornyn voted against: "It was a bad deal to start with. I think Chuck Schumer got the better of the others in the Gang of 8 group because all he really cared about was a pathway to citizenship and the rest was just window dressing." Yet, no sooner had Cornyn asserted that the President could unilaterally go around any proposals Congress votes on, he went on to say that he is optimistic about going to conference with the House: "I think the House is acting responsibly by taking this on in a step-by-step basis." Laura pressed him on this issue, inquiring how Sen. Cornyn could maintain that Obama is an untrustworthy, "lawless" president, yet at the same time maintain that he would feel comfortable trusting the President to enforce the laws that Congress creates in the future. Cornyn shared her concern but responded that the "status quo is terrible" and not an acceptable alternative. (Listen free) Facebook Fark Furl
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