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September 3, 2013 1:18 PM
Daily Fix: Lt. Col. Peters: McCain never met a war he didn't like
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Hawkward Bedfellows

First immigration, now Syria. Is there nothing that McCain and Graham won't do to ingratiate themselves with Obama? Yesterday, their latest submission towards Obama was on full display as the two emerged from the White House and-surprise, surprise-praised Obama's decision to strike Syria. Sure, they put on a bit of a 'lovers quarrel' facade for the cameras-gently criticizing Obama for not acting sooner-but, ultimately, they eulogized him for his tough stance on Syria. This endorsement of Obama's war-to-save-face is unconscionable. It's time Graham and McCain officially dovetail with the Democrats... I, for one, am all too happy to push them out of the nest!

Lt. Col. Peters: McCain never met a war he didn't like

Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters came out swinging against "the Maverick" on the show today. From the very outset of his interview, Peters averred that, "John McCain cannot win the Vietnam War in Syria." Peters called McCain's foreign policy reckless and indiscriminate-adamant that "there's no war [McCain] doesn't like." Peters explained, however, that such a blanket willingness and readiness to declare war is not strategically smart: "When you take this country to war, you have to ask the tough question. We didn't [ask those question when we went] into Iraq, and look what happened," Peters said. Peters was adamant that if we want to avoid the mistakes we made in Iraq, we should avoid taking military action in Syria. (Listen free) Facebook Fark Furl
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