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September 4, 2013 2:45 PM
Daily Fix: It's Kristol Clear: Hawks and Obama are in the wrong on Syria
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It's poker time! - McCain gambles with American lives

Apparently, healthy debate has become political taboo. Now, if you so much as question the merits of going to Syria, you're labeled an isolationist and your arguments are disregarded. God forbid, someone might actually be concerned about serious issues-such as how a military strike would change the forces of power in Syria, how such change could affect the safety of our country and our allies in the Middle East, or how it will impact our already depleted economy. You're not allowed to ask legitimate questions because it goes against the narrative that those who favor military action are selling-namely that this push for military action represents an impenetrable wall of bipartisan support and is a moral imperative. Instead, we're supposed to sit back and not think about the serious issues. We're supposed to pull out our iPhones and occupy our thoughts with online poker rather than considering what's at stake in carrying out a military campaign. I'm sorry if I don't bore quite as easily as you do, Sen. McCain, but I'll keep paying attention to the news that stands to powerfully impact the American people and our soldiers, and I'll keep asking the tough-hitting questions. If these issues bore you so easily, maybe it's time you quit politics altogether and head to the slot machines. At least there you can only gamble with your own money.

It's Kristol Clear: Hawks and Obama are in the wrong on Syria

Senator Rand Paul had a clear message to Bill Kristol, who argued recently that Sen. Paul has almost no support in Congress for stopping intervention in Syria. Sen. Paul said that before making such statements, Kristol "needs to travel a bit, come to a military base [...] and talk to a hundred GIs [...] He should ask them if they'd like to fight in Syria. 'Do you see a cause worth laying your life and limbs on the line for in Syria?' I think you'll hear a resounding no. The country is absolutely opposed to this [...] it has absolutely no support," Paul exclaimed. When asked whether he will follow through with his threat from yesterday to filibuster he responded: "I think there's talk now that there actually may be an expedited vote on this that will prevent filibuster under the War Powers Act... Filibuster only works as a temporary delay, it can be overcome, and sometimes it's good for getting information or getting votes, but if I can demand 60 votes as often happens in the Senate, I will." (Listen free) Facebook Fark Furl
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