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August 15, 2013 2:00 PM
Daily Fix: Egypt should be a burning reminder of Hillary Clinton's failures
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Egypt should be a burning reminder of Hillary Clinton's failures

Today, in the interest of "reaching across the aisle," I would like to bestow upon my leftward leaning friends a quick glimpse into their potential future. How have I gained such privileged access to this crystal ball, you ask? Well, it's called a television. And right now as our major news networks are consumed with horrific images of the tragic violence in Egypt, I ask liberals to gaze into their televisions and consider the path along which they are currently plodding. While liberals seem content to anoint Hillary as their choice presidential nominee, ultimately, the future we see displayed on our TV's is the future they will be voting for in 2016. As Sec. of State, Hillary was the key player in the administration that encouraged Mubarak and his "faux-democracy" to step down, promoted the Arab Spring, and supported the Muslim Brotherhood. All of these decisions greatly influenced the constantly devolving situation in the Middle East and they especially contributed to the current crisis in Egypt. But that's not all she's "accomplished" -- in Hillary's five year stint as Secretary of State, she was able to build herself a legacy consisting of mediocre or failed diplomacy in Libya, China, Syria, and Russia. My two-cents to liberals? Learn from her legacy and keep her out of the White House.

Stephanopoulos: Rand Paul's comments about my collusion with Dems. is "factually incorrect"

ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos lamented that, with regards to the crisis in Egypt and the violence throughout the Middle East, the US has in many ways taken a back seat because Middle Eastern countries have lost respect for us: "I think we're dealing perhaps with an undeniable, but difficult fact which is that, for better or worse, whether we like it or not, our relative influence is declining in the world and especially in the Middle East." Stephanopoulos also addressed Sen. Rand Paul's recent accusations that Stephanopoulos colluded with Democrats during the 2012 election cycle. Stephanopoulos denied Sen. Paul's allegations that he had sought to weaken Republican candidates by planting a question about birth control: "[Sen. Paul] laid out all of these charges, which are completely false and the idea that this question came out of thin air is just wrong, it's just factually incorrect. The reason it came up was because just the week before, Rick Santorum actually said in an interview with Jake Tapper [...] that he did believe that states had a right to ban [contraception]. It was an open question and I was just trying to see if Mitt Romney agreed or not." (Listen free) Facebook Fark Furl
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