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August 26, 2013 1:10 PM
Daily Fix: Duck Dynasty is all it's quacked up to be
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MLK's 'Dream' is being co-opted by the left

I would like to use the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington as an opportunity to honestly and seriously reflect upon Martin Luther King Jr.'s message. Many liberals who are intent on using King as a political tool, are trying to ascribe liberal policies to the eloquent, conservative, and god-fearing Reverend, which he himself would never have supported. Instead, I think we should honor his actual 'dream' and use it to continue to guide our American dream. King spoke of a dream, in which one would be judged by the content of their character. In contrast, liberal leadership today has a lot of content, but not a lot of character. A person of character would not unnecessarily inflame racial tensions; a person of character would not refuse to admit the truth about the real problems that plague the black community; a person of character would not advocate for different standards for crimes committed against different races; and a person of character would not falsely tether a race of people to the belief that the system is slanted against them and that that they cannot make it in America. I don't think the message of Martin Luther King Jr. is the same message of the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or Barack Obama-their message is not one of character, it's one of content, and an empty content at that.

Duck Dynasty is all it's quacked up to be

Today on the show, Willie Robertson, Duck Dynasty star and CEO of Duck Commander, divulged his "secret" to both a happy life and a markedly successful television series-faith and family. For Robertson, the two are incredibly interrelated. Robertson admitted that he and his family have enjoyed the opportunity that the show has afforded them to spread their faith. Robertson even went so far as to self-describe his clan as "modern day John the Baptists": he explained that "when John the Baptist came through, he looked really, and he ate weird stuff, and he pointed people towards Jesus." Robertson argued that his family comes off as equally weird: "if you see us you think, 'Wow, they look strange and they eat strange things like squirrel brains,'" but, ultimately, the Robertson clan are similarly trying to lead society back to good, American and Christian values. When asked if he would ever consider running for office, Robertson was not willing to throw out the idea: "one day I may get the hankering to do it," he mused. Perhaps, all of his time spent hunting pork and trimming the fat would give him the experience he needs to head to Washington and begin fixing its problems. But, for the time being, he's content with staying put in West Monroe, LA and spreading the "Robertson gospel." (Listen free) Facebook Fark Furl
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