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August 27, 2013 2:28 PM
Daily Fix: Chuck Todd: This is a very controlling West Wing when it comes to press access
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Law abiding citizens deserve Voter ID laws

According to liberals, requiring voters to show identification is an act of racial discrimination. Surprisingly, however, democrats have not come out decrying the need for ID when purchasing alcohol, attaining a license at the DMV, or getting through TSA security lines. The fact is, you have to have a photo ID to do almost anything today. Discrimination is clearly not the underlying motive behind this measure that is actually meant to prevent voter fraud. What's actually at the heart of all of this, is a calculated effort on the part of liberals to both spike voter turnouts by stoking false claims of discrimination, and make it easier for left-leaning illegal immigrants to vote for Democratics without a voter registration. Democrats used to care about making sure legal Americans were not disenfranchised and were able to vote, but today they are actively working to disenfranchise another sect of voters- hard-working American citizens whose votes are nullified by the infiltration of voter fraud.

Chuck Todd: This is a very controlling West Wing when it comes to press access

Today on the show, Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News, Chuck Todd, took on the Obama Administration. Todd labeled the NSA dragnet as the single story that has been a “political debilitation to the president.” He explained that “this story more than anything else has cemented Obama as just another Washington politician, defending the status quo. … And particularly with voters under 40, that’s where he’s taken the hit.”  Todd also revealed that he finds Obama’s refusal to engage with the press and specifically White House correspondents “very frustrating. … This is a very controlling West Wing when it comes to press access.” Todd was especially irritated that Obama had almost dismissed White House correspondents altogether: “it’s been three and half years since he’s sat down with a Washington correspondent from a major network. He won’t do it,” Todd said.

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