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August 30, 2013 11:48 AM
Daily Fix: Blurred (red) lines: Obama's really got us in the 'Thicke' of it now
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Blurred (red) lines: Obama's really got us in the 'Thicke' of it now

Is our president actually considering going to war simply to save face? That's certainly what it seems like. Why else would he even consider descending into the pitfalls of another war that seems to perfectly parallel our entrance into Iraq (with the sole exception being that this time we don't have the UK's support)? Going into Syria would be a disaster: we have neither a military strategy in place, nor a demarcated achievable goal for military intervention - unless you consider Obama's punitive "shot across the bow" strategy as an acceptable reason for involving our military in another intractable conflict. We have gotten to this precipice for one reason alone: our president drew a red line, and he's now in the position of having to intervene or face worldwide humiliation; not to mention the fact that our credibility will be completely undermined in the Middle East. I think the president should heed the lessons of the past, and learn from Pres. Bush's failure. The American people do not want another war - but when has Obama ever cared what's good for the American people anyway...

Sen. Paul warns Boehner on immigration reform

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke at length today about the Constitution and the limits it places upon the President's ability to act unilaterally. Sen. Paul explained that the Constitution and common sense dictate that the President, "come before a Joint Session of Congress and state what the strategic objective is." Yet, in spite of these demands, the President has demonstrated that he has no qualms with blatantly disregarding the Constitution: "I don't like the fact that the president thinks that he can just do what he pleases without congressional approval on war, immigration, affordable care...he seems to be going around the law," he lamented. Senator Paul insisted that, "this is flat out wrong and Congress needs to stand up and assert our authority and say to the president, 'you can't do this you are not a king'." When the conversation turned to immigration, Senator Paul issued a warning to Speaker Boehner that if he allows anything close to the Senate immigration bill to pass conference, it will be at the expense of his speakership: [13:24] "If he allows something to pass out of conference that looks anything like the Senate bill and it is passed with a majority of Democrats, I think that'll be the final thing he does as speaker." (Listen free) Facebook Fark Furl
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