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September 6, 2013 12:40 PM
Daily Fix: Amash: Boehner's decision to back Obama on Syria was a 'mistake'
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McCain, McCain, go away...

The American people today have real questions-serious concerns about the nation's current state of affairs and the direction in which our country is headed. But John McCain could care less. He, quite simply, doesn't wish to be questioned or lectured by the pesky American voter. After all, he's served in the military, so what right to do we have to question him on national security policy? He's already decided where he stands on the Syria issue, so why shouldn't he tune out at an important Senate hearing and play Internet poker? McCain's been to Syria and met some rebels, so, of course, we should take him at his word about who can be trusted on the ground. The arrogance and gall McCain has exhibited in recent months is dumbfounding. Thankfully, the tides are beginning to turn against John McCain. Anyone who has their ear to the ground will tell you that a realignment in American politics is beginning to take shape-one which is shifting away from the political elitists and towards individuals that represent the concerns of the American people. If McCain has any shred of respect left for the American people, he'll do us the honor of retiring.

Amash: Boehner's decision to back Obama on Syria was a 'mistake'

Today on the show, Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) took on the GOP establishment and had some harsh criticisms for the GOP leadership. Like Laura, Rep. Amash completely disagreed with Sen. McCain's assertions that the Islamist exclamations of 'Allahu Akbar' are no different than a Christian saying, 'thank God': "Senator McCain's response was completely ignorant and offensive. Good people, whether they're Muslims, Christians, or Jews don't scream 'thank God' when they kill people," Amash charged. Amash also expressed his frustration with the GOP establishment at large and its failure to accommodate its constituents: "I think we're reaching a tipping point," he said. "I'm tired of going home and defending our leadership time and again on these issues." Amash explained that this disconnect was recently exemplified by Speaker Boehner's latest "mistake" of going against the views of his constituents by coming out in support of Obama's plan to strike Syria. (Listen free) Facebook Fark Furl
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