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November 20, 2013 10:38 AM
Cosy up with someone attractive! New room rental site connects people on the lookout for 'love or sex' (oh, and a place to stay)
Posted by Staff

Mail Online:

A new vacation rental site allows users to scout for guests and hosts based on their attractability - not the room's.

LoveRoom, which launched last week and is currently in beta testing, states that it is a platform for connecting 'attractive' and 'interesting' people.

Its founder, Los Angeles-based tech entrepreneur Josh Bocanegra, told MailOnline that over 700 people are currently signed up for the free service and there are plans to roll it out from the U.S. gloablly.

LoveRoom is similar to a standard dating site, in that it allows users to search for people by age range, gender and sexual preference.

Once they find someone who takes their fancy, he or she can strike a deal on the accommodation front.

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