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May 13, 2015 12:28 PM
Chris Christie Comes Out Swinging Against Obama-Rubio Fast-Track And Foreign Workers
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Today on The Laura Ingraham Show, Governor Chris Christie expressed his opposition to the Obama-Rubio trade agreement.

Partial transcript below: [AUDIO]

Christie: We need to be working in ways like this with the private sector to say we want to get people training they need to get the jobs that are out there and available and to grow those jobs. In and of itself Laura, what I presented yesterday if that was the only thing we were going to talk about from here forward it would be a good start but not enough. We’ve got more things to talk about in the areas of immigration, in the areas of trade to try to make sure that our country is putting American back to work. [9:12] 

Ingraham: What’s your take on giving Obama this fast track trade authority, this is a huge issue in Congress right now. A lot of Republicans are working with Obama although they didn’t campaign on doing that but know they are working with Obama on this issue. What is your take on that? [9:35]

Christie: Well listen, I’ve said that the only way I would give fast track trade authority to a president, was if it was a president that could actually trust and negotiate well, and after watching the way this president has negotiated with folks in Iran. I have real concerns about giving this president the ability to negotiate on his own.  I believe in general in giving the executive more authority to negotiate trade agreements, I have real concern on giving this president executive trade authority. [9:48]

Christie: Well I just don’t believe that, I really don’t and it’s not my experience that folks in this country are lazy. There are lazy people everywhere Laura in every country, but I haven’t experienced that here in our country. I believe the people if given the opportunity to work hard at something that they really enjoy and believe in they’re going to work hard and going to do well. If your going to work hard, your going to do well, that’s what this country has always done well and done better than any other country in the world in terms of performance of our economy and the productivity of our economy. I don’t know the whole concept of what this guy was saying. I don’t even know who he is but the fact is that if the premise is that American workers are not getting jobs because they don’t work hard enough, I reject that. [11:15] Facebook Fark Furl
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