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March 25, 2014 4:29 PM
China dolls
Posted by Staff
While the United States' military budget is being slashed, Michelle Obama’s seventy person team is touring China and racking up an enormous bill at the Beijing 5-Star Westin Hotel. At least Joe Biden had the courtesy and cost consciousness to stay at a cheaper hotel when he visited China. The Obama girls’ trip remains non-political, with traditional Chinese events (Ping-pong, museum visits, calligraphy lessons) taking center stage. Meanwhile, in everyday China, Chinese women still face routine, forced abortions in support of ‘family planning', political prisoners face organ harvesting, and Chinese female suicide numbers remain some of the highest in the world (with approximately 590 female suicides per day). It’s good to see U.S. foreign policy with a serious ‘Girl Power’ focus... Facebook Fark Furl
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