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March 1, 2013 4:42 AM
Chicago to start sex education in kindergarten
Posted by Laura
As a mother of three young children, I see these stories and want to cry. How did we get to this point? Our children are not allowed innocence even at 5 years of age? Being told about "private parts"--as in, "no one sees or touches your private parts except mommy & a doctor"--is all a small child can or wants to handle when it comes to sex education. But today little kids are forced to deal with complicated issues of sexuality that they are totally unequipped emotionally or intellectually to process. We see cases of children, who at 6 years old, declare their gender "wrong," and schools are scrambling to accommodate them. The rest of the children are left confused and dare not complain when Johnny walks into the girls bathroom, lest you be branded a "bully." None of these issues are easy, but children need us to care for them, which means to protect their innocence so that they may have childhoods. The serious issues will rain down on them soon enough. Your thoughts? Share them on Facebook & Twitter. Are we introducing sexual topics to our kids too early?
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