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May 22, 2013 3:37 PM
Chasing Latinos at the expense of first principles
Posted by Staff
What happened to the GOP brand among Hispanics after the last amnesty passed with Republican support? It cratered. Yes, George W. Bush did 44 percent at his best, but he was the exception. By 2004, even his numbers fell. Open-borders libertarians in California have gotten nowhere electorally, as the party there is an after-thought. The state is now a seemingly impenetrable liberal stronghold, with a fast-growing Latino population. To think that somehow supporting amnesty is suddenly going to make otherwise skeptical Hispanic voters see the wisdom of smaller government is fanciful. This bill is a monument to big government. It will empower the DHS bureaucracy, ensure state and local welfare benefits accrue to aliens, and increase the number of individuals who are dependent upon the government while stealing jobs from middle class Americans. Those who make the argument that the GOP will gain anything from this immigration bill except a decrease in those who hold true conservative values are either ignorant or utterly naive. This current flawed immigration bill must be stopped and it is imperative we all make our voices heard. Facebook Fark Furl
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