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April 15, 2013 5:08 AM
Calif. Dems incumbency protection plan
Posted by Laura
Are Republicans doing anything to counter a massive effort across the country--including the electoral treasure trove of California--to solidify Democrat turnout at the polls? Democrats have brilliantly worked to fight all reasonable voter identification laws nationwide but aren't stopping there. Now always seeking supermajority status, Democrats want to broaden "voter access" and "voter registration efforts." Check out this account from the Sacramento Bee:

"'We have work to do,' House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told delegates at the state party's convention over the weekend in Sacramento. 'We just got started.'

Some of the efforts are meant to build on the success Democrats had with using the state's new online registration system, which launched about two months ahead of the November election. The new voters who signed up online were more Democratic and turned out at higher levels than the voting population as a whole, according to an analysis by the California Civic Engagement Project at the University of California, Davis.

Democrats highlighted those numbers at their weekend convention, making the system the subject of workshops, general session speeches and at least one party."

Read more here.

Words to remember from Pelosi: "We just got started." I take her at her word.
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