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August 13, 2014 3:15 PM
Bush-ites and Dems Unite for Open Borders
Posted by Staff
Today on the show, Laura was joined by former-George W. Bush Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales. Throughout his conversation with Laura, Gonzales (who recently penned an op-ed in support of Obama's executive amnesty) showed a complete lack of interest in law enforcement. When Laura asked Gonzales why he had confidence that Obama would even enforce whatever immigration laws Congress might pass, Gonzales borrowed a line from his open-borders compatriot, Nancy Pelosi: We need to pass an immigration bill to learn how Obama will enforce it.

Gonzales, the Bush-ites, and the GOP pro-cheap labor caucus are blackmailing the American public. They refuse to give us border enforcement until we agree to support amnesty; and, even then, they make no guarantees that we will ever get border enforcement! Now is the time for the GOP to distinguish themselves from the fanaticism of the open-border Democrats-- if we want to win back the Senate (and win back our country) we need to take a principled stand on defending our nation's sovereignty and protecting American wages. I think it's past time Republicans finally retire the Bush-ites. Facebook Fark Furl
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