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May 13, 2013 1:30 PM
British "Conservative" Party's cautionary tale for the GOP
Posted by Laura
In honor of the visit of Britain's beleaguered PM David Cameron, here are the latest poll numbers in the United Kingdom for its top political parties:

Labour: 34 percent
Tories: 28 percent
UK Independence Party: 18 percent
Liberal Democrats: 11 percent

Not long ago, the affable but elitist Cameron was looking down his nose at the UKIP--but no longer. Not after recent parliamentary elections when the UKIP picked up far more support than the elites there ever dreamed. The Republican Establishment needs to understand that if they split the GOP by cutting unpopular deals with liberals (immigration reform!), and send even 10 percent of current registered voters out the door, they cannot win – period.

Listen to Brit journalist Peter Hitchens' spot-on analysis of the the parallels between the UK's flailing Conservative Party and today's drifting GOP.
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