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January 16, 2014 4:22 PM
Posted by Staff
New developments have emerged in the on-going Benghazi investigation, which reveal that, contrary to what the Obama administration and the New York Times would have you believe, the Benghazi attack was not instigated by a YouTube video. Rather, it was a preventable terrorist attack.

Of course, the Obama administration would never admit this right before a big election. Afterall, terrorist attacks aren’t exactly good publicity. But why, then, is the media so fixated on bridge-gate and Chris Christie, while it continues to turn a blind eye to Hillary and Benghazi?

Yes, Christie sets the tone for his office and, ultimately, he is responsible for what happens under his watch, but he admitted fault. Meanwhile, the best response we can get out of Hillary is, “What difference does it make?” I’m sure to the families of the four Americans who died, it does make quite a bit of difference. So while Benghazi continues to remain a mystery and the former Secretary of State gets off scot-free, we continue to lambast Christie and decode every last detail that led to a traffic jam…in Jersey. Facebook Fark Furl
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