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April 2, 2013 5:01 AM
Border security doubts could kill immigration plan
Posted by Laura
The elites in both parties have never been serious about enforcing the border. The flow of cheap labor keeps wages down, business profits up, and a lot of American lawns looking really well-manicured. From the outset of this immigration farce, the GOP allowed itself to be sucked in by Schumer, Durbin and Menendez, who last time I checked are irretrievably left-wing on 97 percent of all political issues. (I was going to say 99 percent but am feeling charitable.) Republicans shouldn't have had any discussions about "legalization", but instead should have exposed the horrors of inadequate border maintenance and enforcement--it is a job and wage killer for the middle class, including Latinos living here legally.

Once the border is locked down as much as humanly possible, once enforcement and tracking of visitors overstaying visas has occurred, once all the amnesties by executive order have been rescinded, then an honest conversation about the 15 million here illegally. Instead, the GOP sermes to give its imprimatur to the moronic Gang of 8 idea, and so if it goes down in flames, President Obama will use this to slam Republicans in the 2014 midterms. To our moderate GOP pals--well done!
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