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January 29, 2014 4:46 PM
Boehner's "last hurrah": Buchanan says immigration reform would mean "the end of his Speakership"
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"The fix is in on immigration unless people rise up and stop it,” Laura announced as she welcomed Pat Buchanan onto the show today.

Buchanan was extremely critical of the Republican leadership and the interest groups behind the amnesty push, ultimately portending the fall of House Speaker John Boehner as a result of his stance on the issue. Buchanan asserted,“It's probably or almost certainly true that the Chamber of Commerce and the big-business folks want the immigration deal solved. [...] But if Boehner has signed onto this, even behind closed doors, he's going to have to come out into the open, and Barack Obama will have effectively driven a wedge right through the Republican party. You will have a war inside the Republican party—a Balkan war—this year, which will knock it off its present gain, which is to lay out the problems with ObamaCare and show the American people that liberalism is a failure. And I think [the GOP] is walking right into the trap.”

“It's an internal inconsistency, illogical hypocrisy, or just total naiveté," Laura asserted (speaking to Boehner's efforts on such a contentious issue that will inevitably necessitate a number of unpopular concessions from the Republicans in order to get a deal done). Buchanan agreed wholeheartedly and went on to warn, “I think that Boehner has already made his call. My guess, Laura, is that this is the last hurrah if that's the case of John Boehner. [If he pushes immigration reform] that's the end of his speakership, I think, at the end of this year. And John Boehner will have a nice job at a trade association.”

When asked about Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen's decision to deliver her response to the State of the Union in Spanish, Buchanan expressed concern about its broader implications: “I think that the idea of the United States becoming a bilingual country, you get two languages, two wind up getting two countries.” Facebook Fark Furl
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