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March 18, 2013 4:57 AM
Behind the campaign to smear the Pope
Posted by Laura
Yes, the Pope haters with their relentless agenda of secular progressivism are predictably out there beating their (usually concave) chests about how the new pontiff has to be more like them on social issues. (See the Read it or Weep column by M. O'Grady, "The Smear Campaign against Pope Francis"). But I love so much of what I am seeing and reading about this new Pope. Consider the reaction from his fellow Argentinans:

"Lucas Fagandini, 24, had travelled from Cordoba, Argentina, with 20 friends, all newly qualified engineers, to see the Pope. He said: "It feels like he's different, the way he talks, it is making people go back to church." Vincent Mesiano, from Rome, said: "We are really happy with Papa Francesco. He was friendly and simple, nearer to the people." Francis will be officially installed as Pope at a special Mass on Tuesday, with heads of state and royalty expected to attend from around the world."
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