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November 26, 2013 4:39 PM
Beating a path to the WH on the coattails of the Obamacare failure
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Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) told Laura that what the GOP needs now, in order to take back the White House and the Senate, are leaders who will stand firmly on conservative principles. These past two months of the catastrophic ObamaCare rollout have demonstrated the failings of the progressive movement and big government, and Republicans must take advantage of its shortcomings. Walker was adamant that for 2016 the GOP needs to put forth a candidate who will run as a conservative rather than a moderate who can't attack progressive initiatives. This, Walker explained, was precisely the problem with Mitt Romney, “who was in the worst position to attack ObamaCare because he had passed RomneyCare in Massachusetts.” That being said, when asked about immigration reform, Walker did not seem so devoted to those conservative tenets. Walker argued that we need to allow more people to come through the border legally in order to reduce illegal immigration: “What’s broken is the legal immigration system. It’s almost impossible to become a legal citizen here,” he said. While Laura respects the Governor, she fails to see how conservatives can win by pandering to special interests groups and neglecting the wellbeing of the American people.

Turkey Horror Picture Show

Happy almost-Thanksgiving to all! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Laura and Raymond shared Thanksgiving horror stories with the listeners—from acrylic nails in the stuffing, shards of light-bulb glass in the cranberry sauce, and stomach bugs, to accidentally abandoned family members, and joy rides, one story was more ridiculous than the next. But, of course, none of these horrors come close to those gracing the front page of the papers today—from the new evidence that the Obama Admin knew that 75-80 million employee health insurance plans would be canceled, to Obama’s last ditch effort to distract the American people from ObamaCare by “pivoting” to immigration reform, these are the tales that should send shivers down your spine this holiday season. I guess this year, we should all be thankful that we’re not in the Obama administration - turkeys won't be the only thing getting the axe this Thanksgiving... Facebook Fark Furl
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