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November 13, 2013 11:51 AM
Barry Houdini's last act: There's no way out of this bind
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Well, look who finally woke up! This morning the cover of the NY Times greeted its readers with the headline, “Obama’s in a bind.” What should we make of the liberal rag’s come to Jesus moment? Well, obviously, Obama is in a bind, but so too is the liberal media and the liberal establishment, who, for years stood behind the president as he peddled the toxic health care travesty. But now, as Daniel Henninger of WSJ explained to our listeners, Obama’s credibility has finally melted down, so much so that even his own are starting to jump ship on, what Henninger calls, “the biggest federal fiasco in living memory.” Unfortunately, they can’t turn back time and so they’ll have to suffer the consequences of their inaction: “I don’t want Sebelius to resign. I want her to stay on the bow of that ship until it goes down completely,” Henninger said. I hope Obama’s met with David Blaine recently because he and the left are going to need some real magic to escape this mess…

It ain’t easy...being a conservative in Hollywood  

David Mamet, legendary screenwriter, playwright, and Pulitzer prize winner, joined Laura today to discuss his new e-book Three War Stories. He gave his insights into drama and the writing process, and also provided the inside scoop on what it’s like to be one of the rarest of rare creatures… a Hollywood conservative. Mamet argued that there is no room for political agendas in drama and that anyone who has one is a hack. He explained that this is something that liberals in Hollywood, time and time again, fail to understand: “one of the main things that bothered liberals about me was not that I was pushing my own agenda,” he asserted. “But rather, that I wasn’t pushing any agenda.” Facebook Fark Furl
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