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November 21, 2012 10:12 AM
Atheist, or Anti-Theist?
Posted by Teresa

Atheists claim not to believe in God, but they’re putting up a pretty aggressive attack about something they claim is pure fiction. In Santa Monica,  a coalition of church groups that has erected Nativity scenes for more than 50 years has been banned from displaying the crèche.  In Little Rock, an atheist group has complained about how the family values exhibited in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” might make children act too nicely.

It’s one thing not to believe, but why are atheists so viciously bent on raining on everyone else’s parade? Is it that the gentle image of a loving couple tenderly surrounding their newborn child is so repulsive to their depraved sensibilities? Or is it the message of peace, kindness, and “love your neighbor as yourself” that repulses them so and makes them squirm?

These atheists don’t believe in God, and they certainly don’t believe in freedom of speech, either. Doesn’t half the appeal of being atheist exist in the fact that one doesn’t have to concern oneself with the so-called childish interests of believers? Why not leave well enough alone, or turn the other cheek to the side of the street that doesn’t display a Nativity scene? Facebook Fark Furl
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