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January 5, 2010 8:00 PM
Anything's possible, even in Massachusetts
Posted by Laura Ingraham
If Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown pulls out a surprise win against favorite liberal Democrat Martha Coakley for the Senate seat formerly occupied by Ted Kennedy, Americans across the country will cheer. The bluest of blue states, Massachusetts has been run into the ground by Democrats for generations. The political left--funded by trial lawyers and unions--is as much entrenched in New England today as it is in California and the Pacific Northwest. Coakley should be leading by double-digits but a new poll shows Brown only 9 points behind the frontrunner. Sen. Brown has served this country in uniform, and is a genuine conservative. Coakley is an classic lefty. Which vision do you think will help the country through these challenging times? Please contribute here to Scott Brown's campaign. Remember--the election is January 19th! Rasmussen reports that among most likely voters, Brown is within 2 pts! (The margin of error is 4+!) And it gets better--among self-described Independents, Brown is up 65-21!
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