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January 15, 2013 1:00 PM
Anti-gun journalists refuse to put up "Gun-Free" signs
Posted by Staff
Dear Faithful Supporter,

At Project Veritas, we're outraged by the hypocrisy of the national media when it comes to Gun Control being driven on the back of a national tragedy.

Watch our latest investigation to see just how hypocritical many members of the press really are.

The fact is that the majority of our nation's children spend almost every day TRAPPED inside schools that are proudly emblazoned with signs reading "Gun Free Zone."

But when Project Veritas offered that same opportunity to some of America's most fervent advocates for gun control they REFUSED. If it's good enough for children, why isn't it good enough for them?

While the video above is entertaining, it is also very telling as to the state of hypocrisy in our media.

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