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July 5, 2013 9:09 AM
An Obamacare surrender
Posted by Laura
The real fireworks for Independence Day 2013 came two days before July 4th. They exploded in the form of an Obama Administration announcement--or more accurately put, capitulation--that the key part of the president's signature healthcare legislation would be delayed until 2015. Businesses coast to coast have been in an uproar about the law's penalties and requirements, despite Obama's promises that "the more people learn about it, the more they'll appreciate it." In fact, thanks in large part to the tireless work of tea party conservatives, the opposite happened. The nightmarish maze of new rules are reviled and most Americans want the entire mess repealed. This objective, not immigration reform, should be the focal point of the GOP's legislative efforts this summer and fall. Immigration reform--a pathway to citizenship with an unenforceable promise of enforcement--is the Obamacare of immigration. The elites in the Republican party must be schooled by the tea party or should be sent packing. All the big money from businesses interested in keeping wages low isn't enough to overcome the will of the law-abiding, hard-working American people. It is a vibrant and growing middle class that has always been the core of our country's greatness. If they continue to the bear the brunt of the short-sighted and ill-informed policies of the elites, our system of government, this nation that will love, will ultimately not survive.

Read this terrific piece by NRO's Rich Lowry.
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