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August 19, 2013 5:15 AM
Amnesty Cramnesty: Eric Cantor's 'gateway' Dreamer bill
Posted by Laura
You've heard about "gateway drugs"? Well, now we have gateway amnesty. Consider the GOP's desperate move to give legislative approval to Obama's "deferred action" for "Dreamers." In June 2012, the President, by executive fiat, ordered ICE to stop deportations of illegals under 30. He made essentially all of them eligible for "deferred status," and thus legally allowed to work, go to school, and remain in the U.S. To date, almost 450,000 have been granted this provisional legal status--a whopping 98.3 percent of all who applied received the reprieve from deportation. (What rigorous background and documentation checks!)

Amidst the larger debate regarding "comprehensive immigration reform," some Republicans have thrown off their old opposition to Obama's "dreamer deferral," and now embrace letting "the (illegal) kids" stay in the U.S.

These pro-amnesty House GOPers (led by Reps. Eric Cantor & Paul Ryan) could be setting us up through this smaller legislative vehicle. Andrew Stiles of NRO has an interesting take:

One specific concern is that the Gang’s supporters may attempt to use the Kids Act, a legislative proposal from House majority leader Eric Cantor that would offer a path to citizenship for young illegal immigrants brought to the country as children, as the basis for a grand bargain. Additionally, the Gang’s critics worry that even a limited legalization for young illegal immigrants could give President Obama an opportunity to secure a broader legalization via executive action.

Although the bill has not been formally introduced, the Kids Act would likely resemble the DREAM Act, legislation that would provide legal status to U.S. residents who entered the country illegally before a certain age and meet certain requirements. The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing last month on the subject of so-called DREAMers, in which a number of Republicans, including committee chairman Bob Goodlatte (Va.) and Representative Trey Gowdy (S.C.), signaled support for legalizing young illegal immigrants. Passing such a bill would, in the eyes of some in the GOP, counteract accusations that Republicans are hostile to immigrants and allow Republicans to stake out a favorable middle ground between supporting the Gang of Eight bill and opposing immigration reform of any kind.

... if the Kids Act is ultimately approved and becomes part of the package of small immigration proposals Republicans plan to put forward, and if House leaders decide to enter negotiations with the Gang of Eight, some think the act could provide a foundation for a much broader legalization bill."
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