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December 22, 2010 5:24 PM
Americans doubts about Obama persist...
Posted by Laura Ingraham
A new Gallup poll shows that most Americans view our country as exceptional but only 37 percent think Barack Obama agrees. This may not surprise you, but it should alarm you.

Whatever our policy differences with a sitting president, we should at least have confidence that he loves America and believes in American superiority--economic, military, cultural. But from the beginning, he was abundantly clear that he wasn't satisfied with our country "as is," and wanted to remake it. Unfortunately, that included sinking us further into debt and apologizing on the world stage for what he perceived to be our past transgressions. Two years into this we see that his policies and approach have made our nation weaker and less influential on the world stage. And let's face it, Pres. Obama seems fine with that, happy to cede a leadership role to other countries and international institutions. (And he has a Nobel prize to prove it!) He seems more concerned about offending the citizens of Copenhagen than Columbus.

Obama's "we are the world" diplomacy didn't stop him from going zero for 2 in his lavish, high-profile bids to bring the Olympics and the World Cup here. Yet why was he surprised? After all, Qatar must be a more deserving soccer host than that bully-on-the-block USA....

Note to file: when we elect a president who doesn't believe we're something special, we shouldn't expect other countries to think any differently. Our next president will have a full plate, but combating the narrative of America in decline must be one of his top priorities. Otherwise more Americans will begin to view their country as Obama does--just another nation state in the global community.
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