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January 22, 2013 4:29 AM
Al Roker screaming like groupie at Obama, Biden
Posted by Laura
We like Al, but at what point does this become embarrassing? At least he's not political reporter. Washington "Journalists" were similarly giddy during the inaugural festivities. (You know who you are.) Somehow I don't think cable television would have devoted hours of programming time discussing Michelle's choice of gown designer. Speculation alert: if it were a President Romney marching on Pennsylvania Ave Monday, Al probably wouldn't have been jumping up and down with delight. More conversation would have focused on the "immense challenges" facing the president in the second term. More calls for bipartisan approaches for the country's sake. And maybe even a few stray comments about how the inaugural spectacle was out of sync with the economic pain most American families are experiencing today. I personally love the pomp and circumstance of these occasions, but we still expect our news media to maintain some modicum of impartiality. After the last four years maybe we won't expect much. Our expectations have been successfully lowered both by the president and the media. Happy second term!
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